Support Replaceable Keyboard Support Replaceable Touch Pad Go easy on your eyes and easier on your server switching with the Integra Pro™ HKS-10. The HKS-10's monitor has front-panel controls so you can adjust the image on the screen. It also provides a self-test feature that enables you to check whether or not it's functioning properly. Plus the monitor is plug-and-play compatible; your PC system will easily identify and configure the product. The Integra Pro™ HKS-10 has room for a KVM switch module. Install your own Integra Pro™ HKS-10 with a KVM switch module. Even with a KVM switch module installed, the Integra Pro™ HKS-10 takes up only 1U of rack space. ◆ Touch pad with simulated wheel control. ◆ The benefits of Modularized KVM Switch Design: 1. Integra KVM switch modules are available for PS/2, USB, or Sun interface with 8-or 16-port. 2. Manages computers with PS/2, USB, or Sun interface. 3. Adjustable rack depths from 50 cm/20 inches upwards (utilizing appropriate Rear Bracket & Extension kit). 4. KVM Switches with built-in via IP modules are available. 5. Optional Built-in -48V/-24V Power Modules. 6. AC Power redundant modules are available. ◆ Flip-open LCD panel supports resolution 1024x768. ◆ Standard 19" 1U rack drawer. ◆ Ergonomic hand rest design. ◆ Locking mechanism locks the drawer when pulled out, pushed in, or folded down. ◆ Full 105 key, low-profile, sturdy keyboard included.
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