Assurance requirements. 

 RaiInfotech Company Limited will provide without charge to warranty expense incurred by the change components and repair time is set.  Under the following terms. 

  1. Products that are damaged or need to repair damaged from normal use only. 
  2. Company reserves the right not to accept goods that are not repaired in time of warranty. 
  3. Products must be repaired with the warranty sticker from RaiInfotech and Serial no. Be the perfect body no sheep or laceration. 
  4. Company reserves the right not to replace or repair products for the abnormal conditions or are outside the terms of the same period. 
  5. Product warranty card is attached. Customers must keep the warranty card as proof. And warranty card must be displayed every time a Return Product. 
  6. Defective product defect must be sent to the RaiInfotech company  Limited or service. Or shop with a warranty card within the specified insurance. 
  7. If the company can not repair or modify products, customers can bring Clemens. The company will replace the product version change the same. Model nearby.  Or Upgrade to offer customers a product that has higher technology or features. Customers will pay only the difference that increased the company will let customers know any time before. 

 Products beyond the warranty terms. 

  1. We are out of warranty period.  The view from the guarantee card.  Product Warranty. Or check the sales history. 
  2. Product conditions deteriorate due to the difference of the chip less eccentric crack off some devices have surpassed or are missing. 
  3. Claim damages or components that are missing from a late 7 days after the date of product purchase. 
  4. Is unknown as to cause damage to devices such as mice have a pee ant's nest termite nest or stains are not caused by dirty function was normal or liquid water or any chemicals. Or external factors which cause damage such as lightning or other natural disasters. 
  5. Products are modified to repair the installation, including storage and use as a guide, not how to identify products. 
  6. Accidents such as falling off products which cause shock damage. Whether internal or external. 
  7. Sticker or guarantee Serial no. Malfunctioning or missing drop. 
  8. A sheep or open repair products issued by non-officers of the Company. Or service that has been appointed.